The watch's interface


Hello guys,
Why did you changed the interface, it’s crazy.
The old interface was better, now the location for the videos is really tiny.
How can we have the normal interface again?

Thanks for the comprehension.


I got the same problem and I want the old interface, at least in my watch2gether is bugged with the images of the people.


Yeah, I signed up just to complain about this. Who the hell moved the URL bar to the top and made the video player small and in the lower right corner? This is awful!!


Thanks a lot for the feedback! You can return back to the normal view by clicking on the small player view! The idea of the new interface is to provide more screen space for searching and working with playlists.

@kirian.serens Can you describe you issue with the “images of people”?



The Interface I think is a great Idea, Plus the sync issues are gone. Thanks florian!


The new interface is definitely a hot mess. The URL bar is moved away from the host selection and pre-selected videos? The chat closes by default when searching URLs but no extra choices are displayed to use the empty space? The only thing this change has done is make things more inconvenient and take even longer to get set up. An option to use the original interface would be much appreciated.


Agree’d its nothing but total hot trash and looks like they spent a whole 5 minutes of effort into randomly swapping them around after the cat walked all over it.

My favorite part is how the video becomes tiny while searching for something. I sure hope a revert will happen soon or i’ll be removing my +membership until a proper ui can be established.


Wtf is small player view? I can’t find this option at all so it’s clearly well hidden, if you mean the small option under the cog along with quality options it does nothing (also bad place for it if so?).

This UI update is horrible, dunno who decided on it but it’s very very bad.


Hey everyone. Thank you very much for providing feedback. As far as i can see the main thing you are criticizing is the small player while the search results are loaded. Let me explain this:

Watch2Gether is used on all kinds of devices from small mobile screens to 4k monitors. On smaller screens many users had difficulties to find and access the search field because it was hidden underneath the video, often bellow the fold of the page. Since finding and sharing content is an important part of the whole experience i moved the search field into the topbar next to the logo. This is the de-facto standard position for search fields as its always visible and accessible. In order to visually connect search field and search results, the results are moving up when they are loaded and a smaller version of the player is shown in the bottom right. When you click on the player or select a video from the search results, the normal view is restored.

I understand that this might be confusing when you are used to the old UI especially when you have a larger screen. This is the first version of this new approach. I’m very open to feedback and ideas and will make adjustments next week.




Reminds me of what YouTube did with their interface. They ruined the desktop experiences to try to make thing easier for mobile viewers (even though they already have a mobile app and website!) I’m really getting sick of PC users getting screwed over in favor of tablets and smartphones. I’d suggest just making a standalone app or and let desktop users have an interface that actually works for us.

The solution is to make something optional for users with small screens, not butcher the interface for larger screens and then force us to accept it.


A little update. For those of you who don’t like the small player while searching: There is now an option called “Sticky Player” in the side bar menu which can be used to turn this off. The setting is stored in a cookie and is valid across all Watch2Gether rooms you visit.


Came here to say the same thing. Maybe it’s because I was so comfortable with the original format, but as of now the changes are really unnecessary in my opinion. A nice suggestion would be the host having the ability to move the layout around at their own whim instead. I appreciate trying out new things, but for me this doesn’t seem like a step in the right direction. If it aint broke…