Feedback on New Layout


I am using Chrome - Version 72.0.3626.121 (basically the newest one).

I tried doing the same thing today and I pasted it and clicked search but nothing happens now, the loading icon doesn’t even appear anymore :pensive:

Thank you for replying so fast


@tamarastajic97 you pasted a direct link to a video? Can you post the link here or send it to me via PM?


Hello. Can you add an option to return timestamps in the chat? Thanks.


Yes the chat issue I have is that when u watch videoes in full screen u cant see the chat at the same time


I tried to play this video:

Should I have copied the link in some other way?


Thanks a lot for the link. I just tried it and the video loads up fine in the search results. You keep on seeing the loading animation in the search button (right of the input field)? Are you sure this worked for you with the old layout?


Now the loading animation even doesn’t start up, when I paste the youtube link and click the search icon absolutely nothing happens. And yes, it did work with the old layout.

Also, I cleaned my cache/cookies etc now and it still seems to be an issue.

Is there a way to revert back to the older version?


When you search for a video using a search term instead of a link, does that work?


Yes, that works! :grinning:


And when you try a different Youtube link? Or one from vimeo for example


please allow us to change back to the old layout.


My boyfriend and I use this site almost daily. The new update fixes a lot of problems the site has had since the last update and it looks great! Just wanted to let you guys know you did a good job and your efforts are appreciated :slight_smile:

Things we noticed:
-Its easier to delete videos
-Still tricky to move them
-Would really appreciate a way to rename playlists and rooms
-Having the search results appear in a dropdown list would be much easier to use, rather than the results appearing underneath the video.
-Sometimes when deleting a video, it appears as if the video above it in the list was deleted, instead. But upon refreshing the page, the correct video was deleted. This happens nearly every time.


Is there a way to switch back?

Also changing backgrounds with images only changes it for the person on their end and not the people viewing the room. Is this intentional?

If you need convincing I’d be happy to give ya actual crit.

The ‘thumbnails’ for choosing videos was always given a white background, and not a transparent one. So when changing the background of the room to a color or an image, you can read the title of the videos to double check things easier. Sort of like how you gave the chat a colored feature separate from the background.

While I know that’s a plus+ feature, it’s better that it exists in the first place than not.

Not trying to give y’all a hard time, or give the usual “blah blah don’t like it” jazz. Just giving an honest opinion. But if you still don’t like it, all I can do is get hush hush about it. Not my website, but I do like it here. Thought I’d share my two cents.

EDIT3: So now apparently the uh, change chat color function only changes the color around your name. I’ll make a separate post about things if I find too much to just put in a reply. But please change it back to what it was before. That’s not dynamic or neat to make the chat background color semi-tied, it’s actually kind of tedious.

I hope I don’t sound rude. It’s just I’m disappointed.


Not quite sure if this was on purpose but the chat keeps jumping back to the start/top after a while. Tho i just really hope this is a bug or something, since it’s inconvenient.


Thanks for your feedback! You mean it scrolls up to the top? Is there any way you can reproduce this issue?


Update # 3 : So far I have been enjoying the new layout after a few things have been changed, the only things I still want to see changed is the room customization window back on the right side of the screen and for the open and closing button of the playlist to be somewhere else that isn’t so obscure and small


Would love to see a skip button (next to pause or something), and maybe a Shuffle without having to access the playlist.


Just being observant, Its the exact same ui as Twitch Watch2gether

Hide the left bar
Move the users back to top right or hide them from under the video (very bad placement sorry)
Cut chat box in half as its wasted space that can be remedied with a simple scrollbar
Suggested videos repeat themselves indefinitely.
Changing backrounds and menu with + feels less useful now with the modded ui’s taking up a majority of its space.

Hopefully we can come to a compromise between UI and performance. Hopeing the next ui change will not be in a few months where everything else will be swapped around again.


Thanks for your feedback! I’ll keep listening to suggestions and will improve the layout step by step over the next weeks. But there won’t be another big change in the next months. Promised :slight_smile:

The position of the user list is a bit tricky since rooms differ in the amount of users they have. Please keep in mind as well that there are lots of different screen / viewport sizes out there and some rooms use webcams and some not… Considering all these aspects i found the position under the video as the best compromise.

Regarding customization you can try to play with the opacity setting to let users see more or less of your background image. Did you try that?


Has the ability to turn off the smaller pop up video box when scrolling down been removed entirely? Currently it appears over the chat box and cannot be moved or closed until you scroll all the way back up. I didn’t care for the last UI chance and in my opinion this one is even worse. I’d rather be given options to use one or the other personally.