Feedback on New Layout


Pretty much all you can do regarding the recommended videos is go grab a random video URL (or lack of one) and do a search for video with the search bar, it makes the recommended page go away. Have been using this trick for a while to bypass the annoyance. :confused:


agreed, that looks somewhat more sensible than the one we have right now, although I’d prefer it if there is some way that the people that are not in the chatroom are not shown at all because I believe it partially creates more glitches for the site seeing that one time I had to ban and unban every duplicate and lagged username just to get one of my friends on mobile to see the other.


Also…while we’re at it – can we have the ability to put videos directly into the playlist? :confused: Either:

1: Be able to paste the video URL into the search bar and just hit enter (or click a button I guess) to auto-add to playlist, or play. Having to paste the URL, click search, then move the mouse all the way down to click play or add is a really tedious feature when I’m adding several videos for me and my friend to watch.

2: W2G plugin just letting you right click on a video’s URL (not the video itself or from the video page) and add to playlist , or somethin


Not a fan but love watch2gether, maybe add a setting to change it back to the original?


It’s far too busy.

-The left-side play list is hugely distracting with the video being no longer the proper focus with all the little images. Most people look left to right in terms of following a pattern.

-The columns for chat and the playlist being uneven make it look unbalanced, and the font with it’s sizing in the chat are awful, and the automatic highlighting is horrific when paired with colored backgrounds.


Bad, the old one was much better!


Hello I dont like the new design but it’s ok thank you


Thanks everyone for taking some time to provide feedback. I understand that the changes are not appreciated by everyone. Keep in mind that this is the first release of the new layout. Some of the glitches that you see might simply be bugs that are going to be fixed in the next days others can be improved with the help of your feedback. As a first step i just rolled out an update that allows you to hide the playlist bar on the left side.

Please keep the feedback coming. I would appreciate it if you stay respectful with each other and provide as many details in your bug reports as possible (e.g. which browser / version you are using)

Let’s make this the best Watch2Gether ever. 2gether :wink:


no problem, by the way I was wrong about the mobile users who can’t see all cams, this layout has somewhat fixed the issue now as my friend can now see the specific person in the room, and the bigger that the video player is, the more cpu it uses on every user in the room.


Das neue Design finde ich nicht so gut wie das davorige .Mein Verbesserungs Vorschlag währe folgener man könnte bei dem alten Design eine Kinomodus einfügen ein Nachtmodus währe aus ganz nett


Tbh I do not like this new design. It would be great if you could switch between the old and new design because I was used to the old design. Any way to change back to the old design?


Well adding videos doesn’t work? I have been trying to watch a YouTube video with my boyfriend and when I search for it there is a loading sign and it keeps rotating and nothing.


@tamarastajic97 which browser in which version are you using?

If unsure, check here:


Thank you for trying to improve the site, but if at all possible i’ve got to ask please make it an option to toggle back onto the old design.


I would still like a Disable Sticky Player option.


Or, short of that if I can give a suggestion, maybe just enlarge the chat so its not crammed in the corner?


Is it possible to set the playlist window to auto-close when entering rooms?


Hi, I have some UX suggestions and I hope you will take them seriously.

  1. The top left arrow is misleading. I clicked on it because I thought it would open the playlist but it brought me back to the homepage instead.

  2. The chat is hard to read. When using the chat it’s hard to distinguish between who’s talking easily. Everything is the same color and blends together. I suggest bringing back the chat format from the last version or allowing us to change our name color for free at least.

  3. The video player is too big depending on browser/monitor size. Maybe make a fixed size or a max size for the video player because it’s a little too big using fullscreen.

  4. The whole layout looks a bit too cluttered. Maybe add some space between each component especially around the video player.


So after getting used to the new layout, I actually like, i just would like to see two things fixed though.

  • Hiding the playlist button is really small and in the bottom left which covers user icons and is sorta hard to find sometimes. I keep thinking the top left arrow is to hide/show the playlist
  • Customizing the background, the windows that pops-up is annoying and I would’ve rather if it stayed on the right so I don’t have to pause the video if I still want to watch it
  • text in the chat has a weird highlighting effect behind it based on the background color


I prefer the look before the new change can I get the old one back?