Still too many bugs on this website and missing features


Here’s what me and my friends say about these bugs:

no clickable video titles in chatbox

broken broadcasting glitches

missing Feature to hide cams and videos to save space (Really useful)

Where are the TIMESTAMPS to see how long videos last? (Its also really useful)

Stop cams and sounds from glitching out when they’re cammed up for a long period of time, please fix it

broadcaster’s cammed show as offline during long broadcasting duration

no clickble video titles in chatbox broken broadcasting glitches Feature to hide cams and videos to save space Where are the TIMESTAMPS to see how long videos last?

At least Keep the basic features free, don’t charge for every single feature, you already have ad revenue and fix these bugs man


nothing to do with browsers either, I tried every browser on the website and it has the same effect.


I apologize if I sound a little harsh btw


Thanks a lot for your feedback. Can you be a bit more specific about the broadcasting glitches you mentioned? And what should in your opinion happen when you click on a video link in the chatbox?


no problem, when someone is cammed up TOO long like 1 hour or more they start glitching up, and on that certain situation, maybe could you make it to where it only redirects you to the youtube link and not replaying the actual video? maybe that would work wonders


some people also use the Mobile app so it would be helpful if there is a way on the site to Hide cams to make the site run a bit faster for them. this one is a little nitpick but it would be really helpful to see how long a video is in the search bar like a little end time stamp on the bottom right of every video. if you cant do that I understand.


The offline glitch is also real as it is just as equally bad as the long hour glitch. When someone has that same effect as the long hour glitch, it could also make it to where they cannot see or hear anyone in the room, rendering them offline.


one more thing, When people are watching videos and I have to switch tabs like downloading stuff, the video goes crazy and skips wherever it wants to unless I go onto the site and I also have to keep it locked from skipping anyways


Thanks a lot. The link was actually on my mind as well, I’ll change that tomorrow. The issue with the cam might be a bit harder to track down, but I’ll run some tests. How many people are in your room and how many of them have their cam enabled?


usually around 5 or so more


also, could you add a kick feature? that might be able to help remove alot of the guests that don’t come in without banning them from the room so it wont be so clogged up.


almost all of the people in my room have their cams enabled too


Thanks once more for your feedback! I’ll fix the link asap and will try to address the other issues as well.


thank you so much man :slight_smile:


The links in the chat have been fixed :wink:


when I use watchtogether on my PC. I have to log out if I want to go to another PC with the same account. otherwise I have this kind of problems.
a page refresh or browser restart fixes this kind of problem for me in general


Thanks for your feedback. Which problems exactly do you experience?


Hey Florian, It’s just video links that should not be clickable. Could you fix it to where only Links that are not videos are clickable


Sorry If I was not clear about the Links issue, but it makes another annoyance if I don’t address it now.
So any link that is only supported by W2Gsync should be clickable, the rest like Youtube and all that would be better off as not clickable.


Lastly, We still need those features like Hiding video for people with lower bandwith or internet issues,
Timestamps that mark how long each video will be by their end stamp, Broadcasting glitches to be addressed so I don’t have to use another browser to go to another tab when a video is playing, otherwise it will glitch all over the place, etc.