Is a visual revamp on the works?



This service is great, but I and friends find it not only old-looking but also clunky. Now that did updates that removed functionalities, it’s a great time to snatch users that are unhappy and changing from its services. Rabbit and gain a lot of points when it comes to its visual looks, the presentation, and how seamless it all looks (especially andchill tv) but they have faults too. Andchilltv seems to not have had updates in forever, and it only supports YT and Twitch. W2T can do so much more, and I’m sure the site could become much more popular and the go-to watch things if it looked new and slick.

Just my 2 cents, and wondering if there’s anything in the pipeline for that to happen :eyes:


Thanks a lot for you input! I agree that Watch2Gether might not be the sleekest looking website out there. It became, however, home for many groups of friends that spend a lot of time together in their rooms. It would therefore not be a good idea to create a total makeover and introduce a completely new interface overnight. Having said that, i can assure you that Watch2Gether is under constant development and that there will be improvements to the UI for sure. What is the biggest design issue for you that needs to be addressed?