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Is it possible that you can try implementing the movie hoster website with all it´s video hosters like openload and the others. That way we could basically watch every movie out there for free. It would not be illegal since you are only hosting a hosting website. The hosters where the movies are uploaded are illegal, but the hoster website is not, so you would be even more not illegal. It´s a german website, maybe that can help you too.


Thanks a lot once more for your input. I understand that there is a great demand for more content sources. On the other side i have to make sure that Watch2Gether stays within the legal range regarding copyright and content. Therefore i can not directly integrate any of these sites.


I understand it. Sure i mean even the owner of Kinox got arrested and sentenced to 6 years jail in german court also with a big money fee but they made millions with that movie website which is still online somehow.


how about if you added openload so you still go on the legal side another user has already opened a different topic


Thanks for your input. According to my research there might be copyright issues with directly embedded content even when it’s hosted on third party servers. For this reason I can only support the big official platforms for playback within the player.