Cannot load videos from youtube


Hello! I’ve been using a watch2gether room when just today, it would not load youtube videos at all. I can’t search for the videos and it will not let me add any videos from youtube. It was working fine yesterday and i even created another room to see if that particular room was the problem but it is didn’t let me load videos from youtube. I can add videos from soundcloud or the other site but not Youtube.


Thanks a lot for reporting this. There was a problem with the Youtube access, which has been resolved. Everything should be working normally again.


Doesnt work for me, always says (german) Keine Inhalte gefunden… If i wanna find a video


Hmmm… are you signed into a Youtube account? Did your network configuration change somehow?


Does it make a difference when you sign out of your youtube account?


I’m having the same problem and signing out doesn’t seem to have done anything. I have gotten new internet between it working and not but there was also about 3 months so it might not be that


A couple of questions: Do you see just a blank screen instead of the video? Can you watch the selected videos directly on YouTube? Which browser are you using?