Thank you very much for your input. In general you are right, but the legal situation is unfortunately not that clear. For now W2gSync is the only option for content not coming from the officially supported platforms.


Watchbox is legal. It would be great if you add it


Thanks for your input. I’ll check out that service!


Watchbox is legal, but unfortunately there is no public API that can be used to embed the content in Watch2Gether. You could try using it through W2gSync though…


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Thank you very much! This is by far the most enthusiastic feedback i have received so far! :slight_smile:


Hey any news about the anime websites? :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi! Unfortunately none of the anime web sites that i know provide an API which allows a direct integration into Watch2Gether. You can however try your favourite site with W2gSync: How to use W2gSync