How to use W2gSync

W2gSync is a Watch2Gether feature that allows you to sync videos from any website.

W2gSync is currently in Beta status. Not all websites work correctly and you might encounter unexpected behaviour. Please post any issues here in the community and help making the feature better. - Thank you!

Basic Workflow

  • Select a website that contains a video, paste the link into the search bar on Watch2Gether and click on the search button.


  • The website will be show as an item in the search results. For most websites the title of the website is fetched and displayed.
    Watch2Gether (1)

  • From here you can play, suggest or add the item to a playlist just like with any other Watch2Gether item. When you decide to “play” the website, the following screen appears in the player.

  • Click on “Open”. The website opens in a seperate window and the video on the site plays in-sync with all other users in your room.

  • A small toolbar at the top of the page informs you about the sync status and if Watch2Gether was able to find a video on the site. Please note that the status is not always 100% correct. Sync playback might work although the tool bar is red and shows a warning message.

Requirements & Restrictions

  • To use W2gSync all users of a room need to install the Watch2Gether browser extension. The extension is available for Chrome and Firefox. Support for other browsers and mobile devices might be added later.

    Download Chrome
    Download Firefox

  • The synced websites need to implement their video player with HTML5 video. Flash is not supported.

  • When the website you share requires a login, every user in the room need their own individual login for the site.

  • Although using HTML5 video some sites might not work correctly with W2gSync. Please report and we have a look.

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hello, I am trying to watch a movie with my friend from a website, no matter what website we use or any kind of movie, the extension video does not work for both of us at the same time, we have to watch it individually. we both have the extension tho…


Can you send me one of the website links you are trying as PM or via email to i’ll have a look then.

does my friend have to be a member to use the extension?

No it does work for unregistered users as well.

Hello, any idea when you’re going to be adding the extensions to mobile users, I understand it takes a while (am a developer myself), I was just looking for an estimate, that is you’re even working on it.


Thanks for your feedback. The major browser on mobile (Chrome) does not support extensions. Therefore the install base for a mobile extension would be quite small. Additionally it might be difficult reach a good mobile user experiences with the W2gSync Desktop approach. I’m therefore thinking about other options to bring W2gSync to mobile but i can not give you a fixed release date yet.

My friend and I just watched The Hunger Games, and we have both decided that we want to watch the rest of the series. Now I have an amazon account that I can use, so if would it be possible for me to log in and insert the link without him having to have an amazon account with the same movie?

Hi & thanks for getting in touch! W2gSync just syncs up the video playback and does not interfere with logins or accounts.

So does that mean that they won’t have to pay?

No, every user needs his / her own account.

Is there any way for the video that I’m playing to show up on the screen instead of in a separate pop-up? How do I type in chat while watching it?

Right now you have to arrange the two windows on the screen so that it works for you. We’ll add a copy of the chat to the video window in one of the next releases though.

Hi! My girlfriend and I tried watching Hulu with W2gSync, but I don’t think the video was syncing properly. We noticed that my video was about 2 minutes ahead of hers, and when her video got to the commercial in Hulu, she would be seeing the video of the commercial but hearing the audio from where I am at in the TV show. When I tried to pause so her video could catch up to mine, both of our videos kept pausing/playing and we couldn’t seem to figure out how to get both to play in sync.
Any help is much appreciated! Thanks!

Thanks for your feedback! I haven’t tested W2gSync with Hulu yet but i’ll try to look into it!

<-- we are trying to use this site to watch an old movie but it doesn’t show any video. Does it not register the site or am i doing something wrong?

Thanks, I’ll look into that tomorrow!