Youtube watchtime added?

Hi i have looked through the topics and can not see this question asked so i am sorry if this might be a stupid question but…

I am a content creator and i think this watch2gether is perfect for me to get people watching my videos and other content creators videos at the same time.

so my question is if i have 10 people in my “watch room” and they all watch my video that is 10mins long do i get 10 views and 100 mins watch time on my channel or would it just be 1 view at 10mins because i am hosting a watch party and everyone is just watching that video through the same link. hope this makes sens


Hi & thanks for getting in touch!

each user in a Watch2Gether room has an instance of the Youtube player running, so in theorie Youtube should count 10 views in your example. I’m not sure though how Youtube counts views from embedded players in general. I heard that views only count if they are initiated by a user interaction (touch, click) which would not be the case on Watch2Gether since the videos autoplay. On the other side is this information a bit older and might be outdated. With other words, give it a try and let me know if you can figure something out :slight_smile: