Why can't i keep my rooms or save my playlists?

I’m new to this site and I guess I don’t really know what I’m doing, but why can’t I save my rooms forever or playlists? I noticed that last night the room me and my bf had been using to watch vids together was gone. I also spent a lot of time creating a playlist inside that room just to have the entire playlist trashed.
My question is, what can I do to stop this from happening again?

Thanks for getting in touch. When you have a Watch2Gether account (which you seem to have) you can save rooms that you have created by clicking on the room settings menu (in the room top right). At the top of the dialog you find a field to enter a name for your room and a “save” button. Does that help?

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thank you so much! I’ve created my first permanent room and I can’t wait to use it later today

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In the video, above you will see the gear symbol. Click it, give the room a name and click save. Good evening.