Welcome Rabb.it Users

It’s not pointless. It is definitely different than rabbit. Just use the site for youtube. It works well for it. For other stuff, you can always use other services.

please help me to understand how you use YouTube to play movies for a group - I will not ask 6 to 10 people to each pay 5 dollars to watch a movie


Is there like a friend system in this and a pming place?

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I wish there would have been chat available when I fullscreen the film/movie/video etc. :frowning:


@hobi.bobi you mean like an overlay on top of the video?

@liangkevin477 when you have a Watch2Gether account you see a list of your rooms including the online status of their members after login. But if i understand you correctly you would like to see an additional friends list?

I started using W2G before I found rabb.it, everything was done very conveniently and even cool, but there are no such features as rabbit, rabbit is much more suitable for watching various films and TV shows, I know about W2Sync, but still it’s not that that I would like, but there are no more alternatives left

Thanks @moscowrus2013 for being a long time Watch2Gether user! I understand that The W2gSync does not replace a virtual machine since it’s a different approach. Im always open for feedback and bug reports though…

I wish you guys had crunchyroll…

Have you already tried W2gSync? => How to use W2gSync