Watch2Gether Keyboard Shortcuts

Twitch audio not working (many times). Is there a way to fix it?

@kickasskilla Can you post a Twitch link that is not working for you?

Actually I can’t since I cannot reproduce it constantly.
Happened under linux, it’s happening now under windows (only for me, my mate is hearing it correctly).
Anyway, try this out:

Anyway, thank you in advance for the assistance!

Thanks in this room the sound works for me. Which browser are you using?

I just rolled out a fix which should display a unmute message when the twitch player loads. Does that work for you?

I’m using chrome (Version 75.0.3770.142 (Official Build) (64-bit)) on windows right now

Now the audio is working fine!! THX!
I’ll keep U updated if we got any further issues!
Thank U Sir!

I guess this is related to the saound autoplay policy. When you click on the lock symbol next to the URL bar you should see the option “Sound”. Setting this to “Allow” should solve this issue as well.

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it would be great to have a shortcut/the ability to hide the chat bar.

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Thanks @obso1337, I appreciate your input! The chat is a pretty important feature for many users but we are planning to make the UI more flexible in the future.

Why can’t we control volume with arrow up and down? It seems so simple… Also a permissions system. TogetherTube had it done right, you can control whether or not people are able to interact with the queue and pause/play and playback speed.

Thanks for your input. Good idea with the volume key. I’ll add that the next time i work on the shortcuts. There is actually already a permission system in place. Please check out the docs: How to use Watch2gether?

hey every body, i’m just subscribe with you

Hello! Is it possible to add a shortcut to select subtitles with videos that have it embedded? Same goes for selecting qualities of videos? Thank you so much for everything <3

Thanks for your feedback. I like your idea but I think it would be complex to select subtitles and qualities by keyboard shortcut since each video platform has a different naming scheme and set of options.

It wont let me seek within a video at all, using the keyboard shortcuts or not, i cant even use the bar at the bottom?

How does one disable keyboard shortcuts?

Thanks for your feedback! Currently it’s not possible to disable the shortcuts.

Can we get a shortcut to add the current video to a playlist?
So Like if I wanted to create a backup copy of my playlist I could click the video, be watching it, navigate to the new playlist, then have a key or button to add the current video to playlist