W2G for android


Hey guys, why you don’t update W2G for Android?


Hi & thanks for getting in touch. The android app that was once available on the PlayStore was not really working very well. Developing and maintaining an app requires a lot of double work when introducing new features to the platform. Therefore i decided to discontinue the development and focus all resources on the web version which should provide a decent experience on mobile devices as well (if used with an up to date browser). Is there anything missing for you when using the web version on your smartphone?


Nono everything is ok, It’s just for comfort
Can I have the source code of old app? Maybe in my free time can I work on it and upgrade it
(Only if is possible)


The backend API has changed quite a lot since the app was discontinued, therefore the source would not be much of a help. But thanks a lot for the offer, i appreciate it!