Viki integration perhaps?


I don’t know how difficult it is to add additional video sources, but I would like to put out as a suggestion. Viki is a website similar to Crunchyroll (which would be cool to have as well) but has mostly k dramas instead of anime. I think it would be nice to have either (or both) of those as options. :smiley:


Thanks a lot for that idea. I will check out if they provide an interface that allows an integration into Watch2Gether!


I checked it out… Viki offers an API to search for content from their site but does not allow control of the player from a 3rd party. Therefore its a bit difficult to integrate at this moment. But i’ll keep thinking of options and will monitor Viki for the future!


Oh well. :slight_smile: Thanks for checking it out though! And btw, I appreciate this site. Has been rather useful for hanging out with a friend of mine online.


You are welcome, great that you enjoy the site!