Videos won't load


When going to my Watch2Gether room,any video I play won’t load.The video starts and buffers for a few seconds then suddenly pauses and cannot be unpaused/resumed.It is stuck at 0s and I can’t change it.I have tried joining different rooms and tried playing different videos but that doesn’t change the error.This bug started happening to be about 2 days ago and I would be more than thankful if you could tell me how to fix this.I am using a stable CHROME version and I can play youtube videos with no problems.

Here is a pic of what I see:
Here is my room link:


I also tried using a different browser,TORCH and I had the same problem.


Here are the errors in the console


Thanks a lot for your bugreport! Is the system time and date set correctly on your computer?


Yes,my system time and date are set correctly.


Okay… Do you have any security software installed that might interfere with network traffic?


hey i have the same Problem and i watched one Video but now it doesnt work anymore


Can you provide some more details about your issue? Which browser / version are you using? Does it help to clean the browser cache & cookies?