Playstation browser too old


Hello I have a question and that, me and a friend often watch2gether me at the pc he went to ps4 everything went well but when did his browser (the ps4 browser) look too old for watch2gether please ask for help


I have never used the PS4 browser for Watch2Gether but I assume that it does not support some modern web features which are required to run Watch2Gether. Is it possible to install third party browsers on a PS4?

Supported and tested browsers for Watch2Gether are: Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Opera & Safari on a Desktop and Chrome, Firefox & Safari on mobile devices.


But before that it worked well with the Playstation Browser why not now


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When was “before that”?


in October was still going


There was one update at the beginning of October which might have caused this. Is it possible to install 3rd party browsers on PS?


Unfortunately, there is only the default PlayStation Browser


do you think the PlayStation will be optimized again for a new update?


It seems that there are not so many updates from Sony but in the long run i assume that they will update the browser with an up to date javascript runtime.


Okay thanks then we have to wait first