Playlist management


I try to refresh this topic because imho this is a great limit of this great watch2gether. As a lot of online tabletop rpg gamers, I also use watch2gether to sync music and sound effect with my rpg group. Please watch this video in order to understand the importance the tool has started to acquire.

I have about 20 playlist but unfortunately I cannot manage the playlist order. I would also propose a different way to select the playlist: unfortunately the actual dropdown list box is quite uncomfortable with a lot of playlists.

A good work around idea would be:

  1. Allow to sort playlists in alphabetical order.
  2. Allow to rename playlist.



Thank your very much for your post and the link to the video! It’s a great insight for me to better understand how Watch2Gether is used in the rpg community. There is going to be a change in the playlist code soon and i will keep your ideas and recommendations in mind when working on it!