netflix series


what about a netflix room, where you have to login and you can watch with friends the films/and seasons


Hi and thanks for your input. Netflix would be a great addition but unfortunately they do not provide a public API to control their player at the moment. But i’ll keep an eye on this option and will integrate it for sure if it becomes possible at some point.


there is a chrome addon its called netflix party , ( )
is it possible to work with that extension, im not a develper but maybe its possible to programm with that…
i dont know

Thanks for Replay



Thanks fot that link, i’ll check it out!


Penso che se scrivi una mail ,potreste raggiungere un accordo con Netflix


Hey… you try to watch Netflix on Watch2Gether through the W2gSync feature:

How to use W2gSync


I’m the developer for Feel free to reach out, would love to chat.