My friend thinks I hacked him after using W2G!


After using the website for a short period, my friend got a notification from his antivirus.
And guess what! The antivirus he uses found a risk that needed an action! A file in need of immediate removal! The file name was the same name as my ID or the room we were in, can not remember right now!
All I know is that my friend uses an old Mac.

And my question, could this happen by any chance? Similer bugs had happened before?


Hi and thanks for getting in touch. This is the first time i hear something like this. I assume its a false alert, a combination of an old browser and an older anti virus software. Do you know which browser in which version your friend is using? Did you friend delete the file in question? Otherwise he can mail it to and i have a look. Most likely nothing harmfull happened to you or your friend.