Is there any way to get rid of the suggested youtube videos?

I’m rather new to this site and I noticed the suggested youtube videos are very distracting while I’m trying to watch something with my friends. Since the fullscreen has no chat options, I’m stuck with the distracting clutter that is the suggested videos.

Is there any way to get rid of this?

Thanks in advance!

Do you mean the suggestions which are displayed within the player?

I think he means the ones located under the player.

I would also like control of this feature, and maybe also an option to resize the player smaller and moved to the left side so I can fit webcams of users to the right of the player rather than on top of playlist and/or chat

i mean the ones under the player!

yes you’re on the nose. they’re really distracting, eh

Not by default, to my knowledge. If you have a stylesheet extension (I suggest Stylus), I actually wrote a quick hack for this.

Just download the chrome extension image blocker and turn it on. Problem solved :slight_smile:

I guys, i appreciate your conversation. Please keep in mind that the related videos are actually the search results. So whatever you block there will affect your ability to select videos for the room!

@user_6f50a123d0db501 @user_d86862ed802316c thank you both so much, both of these are extremely helpful!!!

Suggestion - if you copy the specific link from youtube/site then paste the link for the video into the search bar (instead of typing in search words) then only that video will show. No suggested videos

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I just paste any email address in the search bar which is not used on YouTube and see… all video-suggestions below the player are gone… and you can stilll search for any YouTube videos whenever you need to… you do not block by this any search ability :ok_hand: