Is there a limit on the number of people in a room?

I run a fairly popular blog and I would like to be able to stream some blog-related content with my followers - I’m not sure how many would want to watch, but I was wondering, is there a cap on how many users can be in a room at once? Thanks!

There is no hard limit for the number of users in a room. Do you have an idea of how many users you expect?

It might be upwards of about 200 people - my followers seem to really like the idea

At this point i haven’t received any first hand feedback for groups with this size. I would recommend to start of with a smaller group (30 - 50 users) and give it a try. Im happy to hear your feedback and help if you encounter any problems.

I would like to know what is the experience in handling large audiences? there is any update about it?

Hi, what would be the use case you have in mind?