Fullscreen control


Hey there!
I was wondering if it would be possible (and if so to suggest it) to have full screen controls for volume, video position, play next/previous video in a playlist, etc. While I enjoy the chat functionality I generally am on Discord with my friends when using watch2gether and so I’ll throw the video onto my secondary monitor and just let it play. However having to click back into that monitor and then exit fullscreen to adjust volume of the video or to skip videos is kind of annoying and it makes sense to me to have some controls present there.



Thanks a lot for your input. I agree that this would be a useful feature. Right now my focus is to stabilize the new layout and to fix the remaining bugs. But i’ll keep this in mind for the future!


I reposted this and you said the same thing about 2 years ago, at least play/paus and volume in fullscreen


You got me on that one… The reason why i postponed it is that there were certain performance issues on some devices when the whole player including the controls is put into full screen. But lets give it another try with the new layout. I just enabled the controls in full screen. Please have a look and let me know how it works for you.


I’ve tried on a few browsers (chrome, firefox, edge, opera) and I can only fast-forward and rewind the video. Seems like the buttons are under the screen if it makes sense.

Here’s imgur link: https://imgur.com/a/2YJ139N


Thanks a lot for your test. Which screen resolution do you have on the monitor you are switching to full screen on.


my resolution is: 1920x1080