Feedback on New Layout


I love the new resized/bigger player, which is closer to how big videos are on YouTube (compared to the old small player).

Would love if you could collapse/hide playlist and chat though, just keeping the video visible. Not really interested in chat since I use Discord, and playlist should just pop-up when you need it.


10x better than the old layout, but I would really like to see an option to hide both chat and the playlist at full size (kind of like night mode suggested earlier). I usually have it open as I do other stuff, which means I’m interested in just the screen when I want to.


The new layout is way better… but can we have an option to change the bg color of playlist? :slight_smile:


It’s dogshit. Don’t switch it please.


i dont like it, too minimalist. if your going to change it maybe keep it an option to keep the old version.


In my opinion, chat screen too small and message clock isn’t write. More beautiful the old one. ( sorry for my bad english <3 )


clickable video title is missing, makes it kinda annoying to add stuff to private playlists


@florian Not to counter @noahjclark111, but I prefer minimalist website layouts. You can really up the complexity of a website by enabling the ability to collapse portions of the layout the user doesn’t need at that moment, like so:


wonderfull, i kinda like it tho


A little update on the progress:

@danselsl - The chatbox scroll issue has been fixed
@muhdiboy, @cnnrgeorge - The search is now available in mobile (small width) view
@muhdiboy - A added a little margin to the source selector button to make it clear that its clickable. Might need some more work though.
@logan.garces - The playlist import is now available in the new design
@batman214 - A added some more margin to the “x” remove icon for playlist items
@cheim2184 - I added some height constrains for the player so that the controls stay visible on large monitors

Many of you requested more options to customize the design (removing chat and/or playlist) These will follow once the new design is stabilized.

Thanks for the feedback - keep it coming!


Thanks for the update! :slight_smile:


really good the new layout <3<3<3


Some kind of theatre mode (like the one from Twitch or youtube) would be nice.
I often watch on my second screen on fullscreen, while browsing on the main screen. When I want to lower the volume, I have to click on the video (in fullscreen), which pauses that for a short time. That could be avoidable in theatre mode


Definitely an improvement. I like it already!


Perfect, i love it <3


also ich finde den Übergang von dem Player zu dem Chat sehr abrupt. Eine Art fading würde dort bestimmt Abhilfe schaffen.
Dann die Member die noch angezeigt werden könnte man vielleicht noch in den Chat Bereich einfügen, denn dann schaut es dort nicht so leer aus.
Im großen ganzen aber finde ich das Design sehr ansprechend!


On the video player, the control toolbar flickers a lot when you interact with it. To fix this, it should show when you mouse over the video. Right now, it just shows when you hover over a little horizontal sliver at the bottom.

Current hover area to popup toolbar (in green):

Also, I would add a way to hide the left sidebar. A collapse button would be fine.

Great site.


@notputty - you are right about the collapsed menu. I have just pushed out an update that should fix the flickering.


insanely ugly imo i dont like the chat at all


I really enjoy the new page layout, particularly the larger video player compared to before. Rooms seem to perform more smoothly as well.

The only critique I have is I miss having a clickable link to a video that is playing currently below the player, as clicking the video’s name on the player itself causes a sync-breaking quick pause of the video before it resumes.