Exporting playlists feature


PLEASE implement as a feature. CMON. It’s such an easy idea and it is so useful.


Thanks for your input. Do you mean “Export” in the sense to move one playlist to another Watch2Gether room?


i too would like improved video management,
like renaming playlists, organizing them better (rearranging)
importing playlists and a new playlist and not just into a currently existing playlist.
the ability to have a W2G playlist as a playlist you can open in other W2G rooms is what i think he ment,
maybe a seen this video tag for a room basis, so you can tell if this video has played in a room before
a currently playing list might be important, so people can add videos to the current que randomly from stocked playlists (this implies people use playlists to store video to play at a later date)(but categories might be interesting to have for a current list) so you can pick which videos to play in a given session.


Thank you very much for your input. I’m planning to enhance the playlist system but i’d like to take the opportunity to have a little discussion about it.

Right now all playlists are tied to one specific room. Everyone in the room can add or remove items (if moderation is not enabled). Exporting a playlist would create a copy of a playlist and turn it into a personal asset of a user. What happens if such a playlist is added back to room. I see three options:

  • A copy is created again, all changes to that list are just applied to the copy in the room.
  • The user playlist is linked into the room. All changes are applied to the playlist of the user (Risky, someone could delete a users playlist.
  • The user playlist is linked into the room but only the owner of a list can make changes.

What would you guys prefer?

Exporting Playlists