Dailymotion videos not playing sound after being selected


For the past few months, every time I play a video from Dailymotion, there isn’t any sound that plays. After I refresh the page, the sound comes back, but if I have multiple videos from Dailymotion in my playlist, the issue remains. I tried them on different watch2gether rooms and the same problem happens. Youtube and Facebook videos work fine. I’m using Chrome Version 63.0.3239.84 (Official Build) (64-bit).


Thanks a lot for your feedback. I keep hearing about these dailymotion sound problems but i was never able to reproduce them… Does it help to move the volume slider when there is no sound?


When I move the slider, the video remains soundless. It was fine for me until this week, but my friend has been having this issue for the past 4 or 5 months and she uses chrome as well.


Does ist make a difference when you clear cookies and your browser Cache?


I actually cleared those a few weeks before the issue arose. The sound issue wasn’t there until early this week or late last week. The only fix for me at the moment would be accessing the site on a different browser lol.


Thanks for the Info. Might be an issue of the Dailymotion embeded player and the latest Chrome version. I’ll try to reproduce this issue…


I am also experiencing this issue on chrome. I tried running it on Microsoft Edge browser to no avail for volume on DailyMotion vids as well. And refreshing on chrome didn’t help. I’m unsure how long the issue started though cause I haven’t added DailyMotion to a watch2gether playlist for a while.


Thanks for your Feedback. I’ll do a throughout investigation of this issue after Christmas and try to reproduce & fix it.


I appreciate the response. Keep up the good stuff!


Had the same issue, fixed it by right clicking the video, click show commands ( i guess it’s how it’s named in english) then the commands for the video appeared and the sound was muted.
After demute sound bars were sync again

Hope it help


Thanks a lot, that was helpful! I just rolled out a fix that unmutes Dailymotion videos when they are loaded.


Glad i could help ! :grinning:


Hi, unfortunately problem returned.

sound is unavailable. After executing “show controls” you can see “background” speaker icon disabled, and “not connected” with foreground speaker icon.
Unfortunately, new interface forcibly block access to “background” controls speaker making it impossible to change.


Do you see this issue with all videos from Dailymotion? Or just with this specific one?


On this video, and few more I trying to watch. Most of “DM videos” works fine. I was trying to it on FF, IE, Chrome with the same result.


Thanks, i’ll have a look tomorrow and get back to you.


I just checked the video that you posted. For me its silent event when i watch it directly on Dailymotion. Could it be that there is something wrong in general with the sound of that specific video?


THX very much :slight_smile:
Maybe it has some strange codecs. I don’t think someone upload it without checking, but who knows :slight_smile: