Cant seek within video

when i paste a youtube video, i cant rewind it or anything it just starts where ever in the video it wants. even if i try to get the URL at a current time, that doesnt work either. i cant change the video after one starts playing, and im the creator of the room?

Do you have the 'popper blocker" browser extension installed? => Issues with Popper Blocker Browser Extension

I dont have that exact extension installed but i can try disabling my other ad blockers to see if that works. A lot of the problems mentioned on that thread are ones that i have.

Thanks for your reply. Yes please do that and let me know when you figured something out. Which browser / version are you using BTW?

chrome, and i did have that extension i didnt even know it. everything works now, thank you :slight_smile:

Cool, thanks for that feedback!