Hi! This is already possible to some extend. Checkout W2gSync:

How to use W2gSync

Instead of exclusively adding support for an anime site and proclaiming that you can stream anime for free on watch2gether, you can maybeee add support for specific anime servers!

For example mycloud or other servers (I’ll provide a list later).

Since like, the only thing watch2gether would be doing is adding support for specific servers and not actually hosting the anime (neither proclaiming it), it would be pretty legal.

Plus like, there are a variety of videos on those servers, not all are anime. Just like there are a variety of videos on youtube. Not all are…as they say… according to guidelines. And are still up and streamable since no one has yet reported em.

Bottomline is, if you say “Insert link of a mycloud video to watch” or “insert link of a page and watch2gether would search for a mycloud video on it” and the user inserts the link of an anime video and streams it…

It isn’t watch2gether’s fault.
It isn’t user’s fault either because streaming an uploaded video on a sharing site isn’t a crime.
It isn’t that site’s fault either on which the video was uploaded, because its simply a file sharing site.

The fault is of that user who uploaded it on that site in the first place, but nobody knows who he is or where he is.


Thank you very much for your input. In general you are right, but the legal situation is unfortunately not that clear. For now W2gSync is the only option for content not coming from the officially supported platforms.

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Watchbox is legal. It would be great if you add it

Thanks for your input. I’ll check out that service!

Watchbox is legal, but unfortunately there is no public API that can be used to embed the content in Watch2Gether. You could try using it through W2gSync though…

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Thank you very much! This is by far the most enthusiastic feedback i have received so far! :slight_smile:

Hey any news about the anime websites? :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi! Unfortunately none of the anime web sites that i know provide an API which allows a direct integration into Watch2Gether. You can however try your favourite site with W2gSync: How to use W2gSync

Porfavor busquen alguna pagina de anime , que empieza a ser bastante necesario , creo que la mayoria venimos aqui para ver anime por la nueva funcion que pusisteis aunque es un poco raro , y video de Youtube , empiezo a notar que esta siendo mas necesario ya que esta es la unica pagina para proyectar videos en grupo ^^ , porfavor hagan su mayor esfuerzo en conseguir algo que Necesito ver animes de una forma mas comoda xD , por cierto ¿Crunchyroll no cumple con los requisitos?

watch2sync isnt working on chrome for me anymore was until today i used it to watch cruchyroll with my friends and now it just tells me to down lode the extension and then endlessly checks that the extension is there when i reinstall it.

Thanks for your feedback. There was an update yesterday. Please make sure that you run version 4.3 of the extension (check under Tools > Extensions) Additionally clean the browser cache and try again. Let me know if it works for you after this procedure.

I belive the most popular is Crunchyroll (free with ads) and is legal :dizzy:

Crunchyroll has no public API that allows an direct integration into Watch2Gether. You can try using it with W2gSync though…

xx.xx is not a unlicensed content it´s legal bro u can read the therms of the page

and add xxxx.xx :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for your input! Unfortunately the sites you mentioned are not copyright legal (even though they might have a different option about that)

Crunchyroll doesnt have that many […] is the best because it airs them as they come out it has pretty much every anime on it.

Hey check out Proxerme. It’s a Anime Site and it seems legal :slight_smile:

que tan complicado seria incluir un catalogo de “animes” pagando los derechos de autor ? , se que no es emocionante la idea , pero por poner un anuncio (de no mas de 15 seg) al inicio y otro ya al final de los videos , para poder mantenerlo creo que seria ideal .